New She

Life happens… and sometimes we find ourselves miles away from our happy ever after.
Becoming single at any stage of life is tough; and after wrestling with the emotions of loss or separation you grieve your ‘yesterday life’.

This program will help you look forward to your ‘today life’ and empower you to take control of your new She Future.
If money hasn’t been your thing before, we work with you to build confidence, regain trust, and believe in a future where you are in the driver seat.

The biggest challenge single women in their 40s face is not having enough funds to support their retirement. This can leave them vulnerable to housing insecurity in their later years due lack of funds or planning for their future.

“My life changed overnight, and Liz was there to help me put all the pieces back together. Liz’s kindness and nurturing approach to money coaching has given me the confidence to get to know my money and my future.” Pauline 48

How we can help:


  • Reset your Finances – New She its time to rethink and reset you and money for a bright new SHE Future.
  • Money 101 – Money made simple
  • Build Financial Confidence – Take control of your money now Understand your cash flow habits; take a snapshot of your financial self. Once you know what you are working for and where your money goes it can change your mindset to money.
  • New She Guide to Getting Organised – tips and traps of convenient living for New She starting fresh.
  • Protecting You and Your Family – You are the fuel that makes your family’s engine run.
  • Superannuation – Why super is important to you? Solo retirement and you.
  • Mindfulness and Money – Developing a healthy relationship with money can turn your SHE Future. Removing the pass emotions
  • Business – Future proofing you against a business.
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